I came across this interesting campaign the other day called “Don’t be that Girl” that was circulating around Edmonton in early July. It is a picture of a girl smiling with the captions  “Just because you regret a one night stand, doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual” and “lying about sexual assault = a crime.” (see picture below). […]

Since June 5th, the protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina demanding lawmakers to pass the law on personal identification numbers has grown in size and spread to other cities. If you are familiar with the political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you are probably thinking “it’s about time.” These are arguably the first real protests demanding […]

Yesterday, (May 16th, 2013) was the 25th anniversary of the Halabja Gas Attack and Anfal Campaign against the Kurdish people in Iraq and many people have never even heard of these two words. Halabja Gas Attack resulted in the murder of over 5,000 Kurds in Iraq by Saddam Hussain’s forces. This was one of the […]

We can all make a positive impact in someones life. Usually the small gestures are the ones that really go a long way and I try to practice these small gestures as much as I can. Over the weekend, I decided to donate some of my gently worn clothes to Second Base Youth Shelter in Scarborough. I […]

After working on my Masters in Budapest for the last 18 months, I finally returned to Canada. Upon my return, I began to hear about the overwhelming number of Roma refugees seeking asylum in Canada. To be honest I was not surprised that Roma are fleeing Hungary but I am surprised about the kind of […]